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Tablet rental, how does it work?

We offer an Android or Windows tablet hire service that works in very simple terms: we process your requirements once you submit them through the simple contact form at the bottom of this page (or call or write to us) and we send you a quote as soon as possible (within 1-2 hours usually), then, on the set dates, we deliver and pick up the equipment at your desired location anywhere in Spain. The tablet rental service is available to any event size, contact us if you need one or hundreds of tablets.

Customisation of any tablet rental

When you hire tablets with us we can customise the devices with any setting, content or app that you need in order to run your event. For example you might want to add 4G internet mobile connection in case your location doesn't have a wifi internet setup, or you might need a PDF reader, Word, Excel, Power Point, content uploaded to the devices like photos, videos, audio; or limit access to certain websites or configure an email address. Any way you need them, they’ll be ready for you to use the moment you get them.

What do you get with your tablet hire from PADINTHECITY?

All of the tablets we rent are delivered to you with a protective cover, official charger, data/power cable and everything in perfect conditions (screens and accessories clean, everything fully working) and ready to use as if you just purchased the product in a store (unless you require some customisation).

Tablet Hire in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Bilbao

We cover not only the main cities where events are held in Spain but also deliver and pick up the Tablet Rental devices anywhere in the country at any location: be it an office building, hotels or the big trade show venues of any city in Spain. Some of the most requested places where customers hire tablets are Madrid IFEMA, Palacio de congresos de Madrid, Fira Barcelona Montjuic Gran Via, BEC - Bilbao Exhibition Centre and FIBES Palacio de Congresos Y Exposiciones Sevilla.

Tablet Rental service for Samsung devices in Spain

We rent Samsung Galaxy tablets with the Android operating system for all kinds of events that range from a few days to months depending on the requirements of the organiser. Samsung Android tablets are popular for events when the organiser is confortable using Google’s mobile operating system, when an internal or a third-party app that works only in these devices makes it mandatory (we can install any app in the Google Play or Amazon stores). The main Samsung devices rented are: Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5, S4, S3, S2, with screen sizes od 9.7”, 10.1” and 10.5”. Contact us any time you need Samsung tablets with Android for the best service and price in the market.

Microsoft Windows Surface Pro Tablet Hire in Spain

We carry an extensive stock of Windows tablets for hire, of which the most extended model is the Microsoft Surface Pro: a great 12” tablet with i5 or i7 processors, 4, 8 or 16GB of RAM and easy to use if you or your users are familiar with the Windows operating system platform.

When you hire tablets Surface Pro with us you receive the devices fully charged, with a protection cover on, pen, charger and the Windows operating system installed; you receive the tablet ready to use with any model of Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Pro 5, Pro 4, Pro 3.

We rent tablets with Microsoft Windows unlocked, without restrictions so you can install any required software or configuration for your enterprise setup or policies, you can connect to any wifi network for example and if you need them for your event, we can also provide floor and desktop stands with a secure lock. Additionally, PADINTHECITY takes care of all transportation of the devices to and from your event location.

Lenovo Tablet Hire in Spain

Some of our customers require, from time to time, to hire Lenovo tablets, one of the best brands in laptops and other mobile devices, the Lenovo brand has tablets are light, with great technical specs and performance, and available in 8 and 10” models they can run either the Windows Operative System or Android making them a great alternative to a tablet hire of Samsung Galaxy (Android) or Surface Pro (Windows) tablets. The Lenovo tablets available models are the Yoga series, Smart Tab, Tan, Tab 4, ThinkPad.

Huawei tablet rental in Spain

The Huawei tablets are simple and easy devices that come with an Android operating system that are an alternative for customers that don’t want to use Samsung tablets in their event (usually because of restrictions with the use of brands), and require a trustworthy Android tablet. We carry the Huawei Mediapad models: lightweight devices with optimised technical specs that work well in the enterprise and events that customers put to use for capturing data in the filed, internet browsing and/or light apps.

Tablet rental prices for service in Madrid, Barcelona and the resto of Spain

Our hire tablets service is available for companies and organisers that need a set quantity of devices for a fixed period of time, be it one day, a few weeks or even for months; and for one single tablet rental or hundreds of them, making our pricing structure related to how many devices, for hoy long and of course, the model required and sometimes the transportation costs. We are proud to have the best prices in Spain, please contact us and we’ll send you a quote back right away.

Tablet hire (Android and Windows) When is best to rent?

We have a lot of experience working with, among others, communication agencies, event organisers, training companies and software and content creators. We advise all of our tablet customers on the best financial option for them when they’re not sure if renting or buying is best for them. Renting is usually the way to go when your event starts and end at specific dates, but please contact us with your specific needs in order to find the option that is right for you.

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