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Rent iPads and Tablets

This is how our iPad rental in Spain works

iPad Air and iPad Pro for rent
Our clients use our iPads everyday for
Polls,Surveys,Events,Workshops,Catalogs,Conventions,Forms,Checkins,Trade Shows,Talks,Instagram,Treasure hunts,Facebook,Stands,Team building,Meetings,Demos,QR Reading,Presentations,Video loops,Skype,Kids,Augmented Reality,Visualizations,Product launchs,Art,Powerpoints,Documents,Networking,Selfies,eLarning,Twitter,Kiosks,Games,Square,Weddings,Quizes,PoS

Our iPad rental service is designed for companies and events, marketing and branding agencies, event organizers, and other professional customers. We’ve got all your iPad rental needs covered from just a single tablet to as many as you require,. We deliver the rented iPads anywhere in Spain.

We will always try to respond to your request the same day we receive it. We will need some basic information to prepare a quote for your event including: number of tablets needed, estimated rental dates, the city where you will need the iPads, any content you’d like to have pre-installed plus any other information you feel important.

When are iPads used in events?

Our service it's designed for any type of event, learning sessions, conventions, trade shows, etc. You can count on our rental service no matter how many iPads rentals you will need for the duration of your event. Our low rates include the delivery of ready-to-go tablets for you or your clients to any Spanish city.

When renting iPads through padinthecity you'll receive your tablets fully charged, in an elegant black semi-leather cover, each iPad with its Apple charger, default apps and clean screens. Plus we can install any content you need on all iPads that you rent through us (apps, pdf and office documents, etc.) Our philosophy is to treat every iPad rental as a custom project.

iPad Rentals: benefits of our service

The benefits of renting iPads from us are the same as any tech rental. You get as many last generation tablet devices as you need at a reduced price to use at occasional events for a few days or for longer periods.

Besides the obvious savings benefits you get our expert technical support on how to use, setup and configure the settings of your iPads to your or your client's specifications. Plus, to cover all our customer’s needs we offer a selection of accessories for your rented tablets such as floor and desktop stands.


Android tablets and Windows tablets for rent in Spain

Android and Windows Tablet rentals

The rental market for mobile devices it's centered around three technologies differentiated basically by OS: Apple iPads, Android tablets and Windows tablets. There's a lot of different companies that make the last two like Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Airis, Lenovo, BQ, Asus, Huawei. Please let us know which technology best suits your tablet rental requirements.

Our many years of experience on the mobile devices market make us experts on available tablet technologies and specific benefits and pitfalls of each model. Our iPad rental or tablet rental sales support will help you choose the technology and models that are best for your event.


Lowest price

Guaranteed. We’ll beat any lower price that you find.

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The biggest available stock in Spain.


More than 8 years and hundreds of customers satisfied.


We strive for excellence in every part of our process.

Smartphone rentals in Spain ¿Why rent an iPhone?

Rent an iPhone

We offer a smartphone rental service with Internet for events, app demos, marketing, team building and other activities, so before you rent an iPhone through us please let us know if you need any content or apps pre-installed so it's ready to go for your event.

The phones from our iPhone rental service come fully charged with their original charger and cable and default apps. iPhone is the most reliable smartphone available for rent today and it's even better when paired with other devices like iPads, Apple TVs or Macs, or just to access the Internet through 4G networks or a Wifi Access Point installed for your event location.


Android phone/smartphone rentals in Spain

Mobile phone rental with Android

We offer Samsung Galaxy phones for rent with all the possibilities that Android OS offers in its latest version. With our high-end phone rental service you can either connect to the Internet through any wifi network or through the optional unlimited wireless Internet 4G connection we offer.

When you hire the phones from either our iPhone rental or smartphone rental services you can install any app or content you need, or if you send it to us previously, we'll upload it on the smartphones for you to have them ready to go for the duration of the event.

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Rent Apple TV service in Spain

Apple TV Rentals

In any event situation where you need to be able to project the screen from a mobile device (iPad tablet, iPhone smartphone) or from a PC or Mac on a TV screen or projector, we can offer our Apple TV rental as a low cost/effective solution that we deliver wherever you need it.

One of the main benefits for events that the Apple TV technology offers is that it's wireless, and when you rent an Apple TV you'll also get all its original accessories so you'll only need a wifi network (which we can also provide if you need it) to watch your iPad or other device’s screens on a TV or projector.

Floor and Desktop/tabletop Stands with security locks

Floor and desktop stands for iPads and Tablets for rent

Many events require tablets to be stationary in order to be handled instead of you or your visitors carrying them, and that's why we offer floor, desktop and wall stands with security locks (usually Kensington locks) that elegantly display your content (normally videos, images or documents)on the tablet

We have three types of stands available for rent: An acrylic floor stand for iPad which is 1.2 meters tall, a 25cm acrylic stand for desktop or tablet display situations, and security hard covers with locks that allow for easy handling of the tablets. The professional stands for iPads that we rent are designed to be ready to use at events, they require no assembly and allow for you to change the view angle of the screen and to use the tablets in portrait or landscape modes.


Wifi for Events, Internet Wifi Access Point rental installation free.

WiFi router for rent for events with Internet

You can rent from us a professional Wifi network access point that requires no installation so you can connect all your devices to the Internet. You will only need an electrical outlet to connect the 4G/Wifi router and you'll be ready to go. Also consider our Mifi (Wifi + Internet access point) router which offers a more portable experience depending on the situation and number of devices you need.

The Wifi service we offer allows you to connect to the Internet iPads, mobile phones like iPhones and Android smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Macs or any other gadget that requires Internet connection at your event. We can quote daily and other timeframe prices for your event, our service doesn't require setup, installation or maintenance and you can use it at hotels, conference rooms or any location for your event.

Mac computers rental (our Apple computers service for Spain)

Apple MacBook and Macs Rental

More and more Apple computers are being used for events, workshops, courses, marketing activities, software and test development, and with our Mac rental (Macbook, iMac) we offer a wide selection of computers at the best prices. We are experts (and users!) of Apple products so you can count on expert support when you rent through us.

Mac computers (Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or the desktop options iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini) are for hire in any quantity that you might need for any event size. Using these computers with iPads, iPhone mobile phones or Apple TVs is a popular choice among our clients.


Computer rental (Windows laptops for rent in Spain)

Laptop Rental Windows

We rent laptop PCs with the latest Windows OS for your event that can be customized to your requirements and in the quantities you need: from one to as many as needed. They are delivered ready for you to use immediately at events, learning sessions, etc. Internet access with our Wifi Access Points is requested usually to connect the Windows computers to the internet via 4G wifi.

To request a quote for laptop PCs please let us know how many you need, the dates when we should deliver and pickup the rented laptops and any specific requirements you might have like processor, screen size or Windows version so we can quote your rental accordingly.


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