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Laptop rental in Spain for events and companies

Rent laptops with Windows

If your company needs to hire laptops running Windows and Office for a few days, weeks or months, you can rely in our experience and quality service. We prioritise top quality hardware and highly qualified technical proceses in order for your rental to go problem-free. We have more than 5.000 computers in stock.

Hire PCs for events in Madrid, Barcelona and everywhere else in Spain

Our laptop rental service is designed for companies that need laptops during short periods of time for any kind of event. We offer a competitive priced laptop rental product for events of two days, a few weeks or many months. If you need a single device or hundreds, please contact us. We follow a very simple sale process, just remember to tell us how many devices, the dates and the city where you need them. Please also specify any technical requirements for you computer hire request.

Laptop hire with Windows

Rent a pc in Spain with us and we’ll personalise it according to your needs. We don’t configure any restrictions on the computers so you have the freedom to install any software you need for your event (many of our customers find in our laptop rental offer the perfect hardware for training, presentations and for running their events). Our PCs come with HDMI or VGA ports if you need to connect them to other video equipment.

Laptop hire in Madrid

There is a big concentration of events in Madrid happening almost all year long. A laptop rental provider you can trust, we offer a high quality service at a great price in the city. We have available a substantial stock of Windows laptops in the city that we can deliver and pickup anywhere you need. Most of our customers ask for us to deliver the laptop rental batch in their offices in Madrid or at the place they’re holding the event.

Laptop hire in Barcelona

We offer a huge stock of computers at the best prices in Barcelona. You can rent a pc in the city for any type of event that you are planning. We can supply a few units or many anywhere you need them in Barcelona and we also do the delivery and pickup in your offices or at your event’s location. Be sure to let us know the what, where and when of your computer hire requirements and we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

Laptop hire in Sevilla

Our laptop rental in Seville is available for your company or organisation anywhere in the city (or province) you might need any quantity of laptops. Contact us and tell us what kind of devices you need, how many, the dates and any technical requirements, and we’ll get back to you with a custom quote as soon as possible for your Sevilla event.

Laptop hire in Valencia

Valencia its a great city ideal for outdoor and indoor events thanks to its good combination of infrastructure and nice weather, and we make sure to supply the city with a great computer hire product, like anywhere else in Spain, we supply the laptops at your office or event location. When you contact us provide the details of your request and we’ll send a quote back right away.

Laptop rental of Windows devices ready to use

When you hire a computer with PADINTHECITY you get devices that are ready to go so your users or employees can use them right away, batteries are charged and the charger is included with every device and also all the basic software tools expected by users in a device running Windows. We care for every detail so our customers receive their rented PCs just the way they wanted: ready to go.

Technical specs for our laptop computers

Model/manufacturer Most of our computers are HP but we also carry Lenovo, Acer and Asus for especial requirements.
CPU Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7 (we have also have had rented Core 2 Duo, Intel i3 and AMD) which we constantly upgrade to newer more powerful chips.
RAM memory 8GB RAM as default, plus we also carry more options that can power any general business software or event with 4GB, 16GB and 32GB RAM configurations available at your request.
Screen 15” screen size by default, other options available on request.
Operating System Windows 10 Profesional by default and other Windows versions available in request for special cases. The OS is usually set to Spanish but this can be changed to the specific needs of your rental. We deliver the devices in English all the time also.
Hard Drive We carry HDD drives (mechanical) of 320GB-500GB and also SSD drives with 256GB available and other configurations.
Connections and ports Wi-Fi for wireless networking, Ethernet ports for RJ-45 network cables, HDMI and VGA video outputs, audio jack to connect microphones and speakers or headphones.
Accessories Mouse and transportation bag.
Use cases For use with general computer programs and software like Microsoft Office, email, internet browsing, presentations, QR reading, checkin of visitors to an event, data collection, training sessions either computer or technology related or in-company processes training for example.
Initial setup times our laptop computers are ready to be used by the customer immediately.

The specs of the laptop computers will be detailed in the quotation you’ll receive from us. They are selected to the specific requirements of your project and the stock available.

Computer rental in Madrid

Our Windows rentals in Madrid and the rest of Spain, designed for companies, comes with delivery and pickup of the devices on the location the client needs them, usually their offices or in a rented location for their events like for example the IFEMA complex of pavilions for trade shows, Palacio Congresos y Exposiciones de Madrid, Matadero Madrid or the many hotels in the city.

Computer rental in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the biggest cities in Spain and in Europe for events, and our computers are available for companies running events anywhere in Barcelona city and province where we deliver the PCs in their offices or on locations like Fira Barcelona Montjuic/Gran vía, hotels, training venues, conferences and installations or expos in the city.

Computer rental in Sevilla

We deliver our PC rentals to customer offices all over Seville or at the many other locations for events and training places like Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Sevilla (FIBES), Hacienda venues, hotels, etc. We take care of the logistics of delivering the computers so you receive them with plenty of time for you event and can return them easily when your event is done and the computers are real to collect.

Computer rental in Valencia

PCs with Windows for hire are always in demand in Valencia for all kinds of venues: large rooms in hotels, office buildings for work, events or training or at the big venues like Feria de Valencia, the many venues in the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, etc; all of them places where we deliver and also pickup the devices. Wherever the customer needs them to be, we take care of everything so the service is as simple as possible.

Computer for rent in Málaga

Málaga is one of the hottest cities in Spain with a healthy growing landscape of technology, social media and digital marketing companies and a great location that makes it ideal for events in pavilions like the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga (FYCMA), hotels, work spaces, and the many temporal installations everywhere in the city. In all of these places and more we deliver and pickup our laptop windows computers.

Computer hire in Zaragoza

A very important number of our customers host many events in Zaragoza in Feria de Zaragoza, its Palacio Congresos –the biggest venues–, but also in hotels, offices and other available locations where clients from Zaragoza but also from Madrid and Barcelona rent a pc to better serve their customers, employees and visitors. We arrange with our customers the pickup and delivery of the computers wherever they use them, usually in their office so they have the time to setup or prepare the PCs before and after the event.

Computer for rent in Galicia

One of the fastest growing regions in the country, Galicia is hosting a great number of events every year with an infrastructure ready to support any kind of actions in locations like the Feira Internacional de Galicia, Recinto ferial de A Estrada, Recinto Ferial Punta Arnela, EXPOCoruña, Centro de Convenciones Santiago, Fundación de Ferias y Exposiciones de Ourense (Expourense), Pazo da Cultura, Instituto Ferial de Vigo (IFEVI), and other working centres, offices, and hotels, all of theses places you can rent computers from us, just let us know.

Rent a PC for Gaming or for 3D software

In the PC gaming, the 3D animation and in the Virtual Reality sectors the requirements on PCs are high and specialised, demanding powerful hardware that we make available to our customers ready to use wth dedicated graphics cards, SSD hard drives, lots of RAM and powerful processors and in any number you might need high capacity computers in laptop or desktop form.

Computer equipment rentals in Madrid and Barcelona and the rest of Spain

We offer laptop PC computers for hire for short-term periods to companies that need them for specific use cases or events. Be it a few or hundreds of laptops, our customers hire them for training sessions and seminars, events, trade shows, conferences, temporary job posts, etc; in other words when there’s a peak in the number of PCs required and you need hardware that is ready to use, with all your software tools in place including Windows OS or macOS in their latest versions. Our laptop hire customers usually order Intel Core i5 or i7 CPUs with 8GB of RAM memory and SSD drives (in some cases) because they cover more than enough the minimum hardware requirements to drive their general computer business use cases.

Rent PCs vs. owning

The laptop rental service is designed for companies and organisations tat require a set number of PCs for a set period of time, be it a few or hundreds of PCs, the cost of renting is much lower than buying, so in any situation where the dates and number of devices are set, hiring is the ideal solution, giving you also piece of mind regarding the setup, renewal and maintenance of the devices.

Laptop rental (Windows) vs rent a Mac computer

In addition to computers running Microsoft Windows, we also offer Apple Mac computers for rent. Usually the decision of renting a Mac computer or a PC laptop comes from the requirements on the software side of things. Both of these lines of computers are robust and powerful. Please ask us, we’ll be glad that we can help you choose the best option for you laptop rental.

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